Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Monday, bloody monday!

Liss, i didnt actually think you still read this? Well obviously you must cos you asked me why i said sorry. Im pretty sure it was when shannan found out that i said i think she's hot. I was talking to shaz and said something like "damn you", directed towards you, and you got angry. So i said the next day that i was sorry cos i thought you were still angry. Pretty sure thats what it was about anwway. Miss you too xoxox

Anyway back to it. What a load of crap international pirate day is. Apart from the fact that no one even talks like a pirate, its a stupid idea anyway! However...it is a really good excuse to go out and have $10 chicken parmas and 2 pots of beer! Good parma! And a really good excuse to drink more than you'd like to lol. I think monday night was the most eventful monday night i'v ever had. It's a good thing i have tafe this week otherwise i would have been and hour and a half late for work this morning. I couldnt afford to slack off at tafe anyway. I started a new subject on monday morning, i have to fully dismantle a motor, measure everything, then put it back together and make sure it works. Sounds easy? hell no! I started monday, and im still measuring parts. i only get 3 days to do it in. Should have it back together tomoro, late tomoro i'd say. Monday night i was talking to shannan, the shaz that i know, i have to say that im a bit relieved that she likes her present. As guys will tell you, its hard to buy stuff, especially jewelerry for a girl. i forgot to ask her about the picutre of me and her i sent. For those who didnt know, i sent her an old pic of us two, of way back in 1990, we were on our way to a banana's and pyjamas concert, We had matching jumpers, jeans and even shoes on...cmon, iv known her since i was like born so i have an excuse. Believe it or not, she used to beat me up back in the day lol haha, i got her back though before she left for singapore...on that note im leaving!!!

Quote of the day: Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.


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