Thursday, September 01, 2005

Long time no post

Its been a while between posts, due to the fact that someone in the house downloaded an obcenely large amount of crap and went over the download limit. So, in turn, dad isnt letting us on, accept for now, because he isnt home and doesnt know that i know the password. Lets keep the on the low down ok! I have news. I gave up on my glasses the other day when i sat on them for the 90th time. Soo off the the optometrist i went to get me some contact lenses. $87 and 30 mins later i was poking myself in the eye struggling to get them in. But persistance payed off, they are great, i can actually wear sunglasses now, and they dont get stuck in cars when im shoulder deep under the bonnet of a ford!

I went to a wild party the other night with sean. One of his mates was turning 18 so i reluctantly went with sean, missing out on kates birthday and the clubs they were off too. But, all was not lost. The party was pretty good despite my first impressions. The amount of alcohol that i consumed probably helped a fair bit. The only downside of the party bein that there wsa alot, and i mean alot of 14 year old teenie boppers that were totally wasted on booze and messed up on drugs. At last count, when i was sober for a short period, there was around 5 girls passed out wasted, a F*****G disgrace i think. Anyway my drinking continued and i eventually spewed, dont know whether it was the food, or the drinks i mixed. But on a big upside, there was lots of good lookers there, one particularly took my fancy. Goes by the name of Amelia. She looked really nice, was really polite and wasnt pissed of her nut. Just one of those really nice looking girls that you dont see very often, the conservative ones that doesnt look slutty. I was too wasted to do anything about it though! So im on the lookout for a really nice/ conservative girl, one that i actually have a chance with. Well... at least i know what i want now.
Anyway, i have to go, i have a guy coming round to look at my VK, hopefully, he will buy it and i can get rid of it and all the spare parts i have!!

**advice to younger viewers: wait till your 18 to get pissed, then you have something to look foward too**


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