Saturday, September 24, 2005

In Memory...

Well, this week is really a week i could have lived without. I had tafe all week, pulling down that motor, which i got back together and it actually started. But still, all the theory i had to do was not something that i'd want to do again. And then thursday!!

Possibly the worst day that iv had in a while. I left for tafe on thusday and part way through the day i got a call from mum. She told me that she had Kellie (our dog) put down. I didnt know what to say. I didnt know whether to run out of the workshop and cry, or to put on an act, and carry out my day. I put on the act. I got home, gave mum a hug and just cried, im still crying while writing this, i cant stop. Even though kellie was sick, and we knew in the back of our minds that it could come to this, i didnt expect it so soon. I still expect her to come and greet me at the door when i get home from work, to bark when the door bell rings. Its almost strange not having to expect these things when you've lived with it for so long. Mum decided to bury her outside, where she can still be near us, and where we can still be near her. She had a good life though, i told mum. We did all we could for her, its not as if we didnt try. It just wasnt fair on her, to keep having to go to the vet, and keep recovering, then suffering. It takes a strong person to make such a hard decision, and it was the right one. Ultimately, we are all in agreeance that we have no more pets. It just puts enormous strain on you, and your emotions when you are faced with something like this. The thought of not being able to give her a big hug, leaves a huge lump in my throat...

A quote from me: No one is ever forgotten if there is always someone there to remember them

To Kellie: Sleep well 'bubba', i miss you soo much xoxoxoxo

still crying.... :(


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