Saturday, September 17, 2005

Home grown

Well its saturday night and a really should be out, doing stuff, but, i cant be F***** cos there is nothing 'good', good meaning that there is nothing worth getting off my ass for. This is where im at a disadvantage due to the lack of girlfriendness. My fault though, i think im waiting for some very good looking young woman to come up and say "hey your hot, lets go out sometime"...not gonna happen. The fact is that if you ever want good things to happen, then you have to put in the effort, and you will be rewarded. Im lacking effort. Its been said before in previous posts that i can sit there half a night and look at a really beautiful girl with a smile that makes you melt (eww soppiness), but never actually do anything about it. Stupid shyness. It's still there even when im drinking. God dammit, ima gonna go work on my car for a bit! Wait no im not, its raining too heavy and i aint going out there in a wifebeater! Well maybe i will a bit later. No, ima gonna go now!

Hope my sister is having fun in singapore at shannan's birthday, while im here in shitass australia! Thought for the moment: Cant wait to finish my apprenticeship, then i can leave australia and travel. imagine waking up everyday and not knowing what your day holds! Would be great!!

Quote of the day: "Better never to have met you in my dream than to wake and reach for hands that are not there"


Blogger |'~>> BlAcK HeART said...

hey matt,
in july you sed sorry to me and i dont get why!! what did u do??
O and i think ur sis is having an awsum time here!!!!
Missing yew!!!

10:23 PM  

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