Sunday, July 17, 2005

A Time to Think...

Lately, i'v had alot of time to sit down and think, about me, about what im going to do once i finish my apprenticeship. It may seem like its along way off, not this december but next, ill be qualified. It's really not a long way off when you have no idea what to do next. It's not that i hate my job, because i don't, i just cant see myself doing it in 10 years time or whatever. So, what do i do? I have absolutely no idea! All my studies went towards being a mechanic, i have a Certificate 2 in Automotive Engineering, and i dont know what that actaully gets me! So i guess im afraid, in however many years time, ill really hate my job and just wanna get out, and ill be back to square one. I'll let you all in on a secret, before i started my apprenticeship, i wanted to do a Computer course, but never got around to it, mainly because my parents told me not to!

But what i really want to do most, is leave! I'v been saying this for years, i just want to go, get out of Australia and maybe get a job overseas somewhere. Im sure japan or somewhere near there has room for a mechanic, especially with the amount of cars they got going around. But at this point in time, whos knows what ill do. It's just one of those things that plays in your mind, i just don't want to dissapoint anyone or become a failure, walking around saying "well, many years back i used to be a mechanic, and i gave it up, and now im 40, i live in a trailer park by myself and have no friends. It will probably never happen but its something that everyone thinks about at one stage or another, prolly not as severe though! I can see the single part hapenning because im hopeless a picking up women, im to shy to ask as most people that know me will see lol. Maybe its also the fact that a qualified mechanic get paid less then a full time worker at the reject shop. When i do end up getting married and having kids, only 2 though, i dont want to have to struggle to find money and pay bills and stuff. Ok this post is starting to sound really gay!

Thought of the Day: Can you tell im having a really bad day??? Im gonna go out and spend some money!

If you read this Liss, sorry about last night xoxo


Blogger Steve said...

Yeah a mechanic's pay is pretty damn shit, but my dad did alright once he went self employed.

It's a trade so its not too hard to be self employed, all you have to do is find the customers though. As for being alone in a trailer, it won't happen.

5:30 PM  
Blogger Matt said...

Never know, it mght be a nice trailer, a winnabego or something??

4:56 AM  

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