Sunday, July 24, 2005

Meh, what to write about.....?

I made a discovery the other day! Tax returns are really boring, i just finished mine on the internet and sent it off! Woo-hoo, $1200 tax back for me!!! Too bad i have to pay rego. And the other half...going towards a holiday, a well earned one i think. I don't know where to go, maybe a cruise, but then i have to find someone to go with, someone that wont back out and leave me hanging. Speaking of holidays, im at Tafe all this week so its a bit of a holiday for a week, just less stressfull than work. Anyway about my week. The fact that the mighty Calais (my car for the people that didnt know) was making noises all week, that really sounded like death noises, gave me the S and G's (shits and giggles) so me decided to rip the motor apart once again and replace the lifters that i thought was the correct diagnosis of the 'death noises' wrong i was! 5 hours of work, and the noise is stil there! Am i pissed off?? No, not really. As i said in my last post, im an optimist. Look at it this way, i have 4 new lifters that i know that arent faulty, and i fixed and oil leak at the same time, so my 5 hours of saturday leisure time wasn't wasted, as such, plus i got to enjoy the wonderful company of big sean! Then both sean and me both copped a message from Amy, some shit about a Singstar pop party at her house. Funny thing tht both sean and I turned around at the same time and said, "Ha bullshit", but he ended up going anyway. It's bad enough that chantelle tries to sing! But anywayz, i got home, and i did think, fuck it, i had enough of cars today. Later i conned sean into coming to the movies, instead of getting drunk. So off we went to frankston to see Mr and Mrs Smith, which was really good! Im becoming a movie bandit! I think The Island comes out this week so im gonna con more people into coming to see that with me, otherwise ill go by myself!

Joke: What's red and looks like a bucket......................A red bucket
Joke 2: What's blue and looks like a bucket....................A red bucket in disguise!!!!



Blogger Sean said...

Big sean eh? Thats right, big in my pants.


Im NOT coming to the movies with you when the island is out, not unless i win tattslotto, and im not buying a ticket, so thats puts me back at square 1.

3:04 AM  
Blogger Jason said...

Those are dodgy jokes. :-P

10:05 PM  
Blogger Matt said...

Well you are all daego's!!

4:08 AM  
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