Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Maybe its time for an update

Well a lot has happened since my last blog over a month ago. I quit Nissan, mainly because my boss is a fucking red nut fanta pants fucktard who is 39 and still lives at home with his mum. And that Nissan was just a shithole place to work. Anyway I left there with my $1000 of holiday money that’s was owing to me, in my back pocket (it was a cheque) and went to work a Ford in crannie. Just think about this, I get to work and drive on brand spankin XR8’s and XR6 turbos most of the day, and fang them around the block on test drives! Is there anything better? Well, maybe a 4 sum with Kirsten Dunst, Mischa Barton and Julia Stiles, but that a story for another day. I also decided that I needed to upgrade my mode of transport, so I bought a new scooter…just kidding, I did actually buy a car. I handed over my money to some shifty looking bloke who sold the VP Clubsport to buy a Toyota Corolla, yes he must have been gay. Now he can go Corollaring along with his carload of cocksuckers. So sitting in my backyard is yet another loud V8 monster, with no rego being the only downside, but its got all the shit, bucket seats, leckie windows and door locks, alarm, cruise control, full trip computer dash, and more shit that I cant be bothered typing, but, as I said, all the good shit. Do you know how much of a pain in the ass it is to wash and vac 2 cars?! Shannan from Singapore was also down last week so she paid us a visit. It was really good to see her, just like old times I spose. We had a good chat for an hour or so before chantelle stole her away. Before they moved to Singapore she had and operation on her spine, and she lost a lot of weight, but since then she looks heaps better and a lot more healthy, *cough* and STILL LOOKS HOT!
Doesn’t look like ill make it over there for her 18th though, bummer, I need a holiday aswell, but, I’m an optimist so well see what unfolds. Maybe ill have to work every Saturday and just save for it…

On a closing note, sean’s back, and I recall saying to my old lady before he left that he’ll be back, and look what’s happened, truth is that he cant live without me. Sean’s prolly sitting there saying “pffrt, fuck that shit man”. Lol, either way, its good to have you back, to rip it up at the pubs n shit once again...

Thought of the day: God created and orgasm so women can moan even when their happy



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