Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Welcome to the OC bitch!!! Just finished watching it so i thought id write a blog/bullshit on about random crap. Well i never knew that you could fall in love with a TV show, but i wanna fuck the OC!! Dead set, its grouse, i even taped the theme song on my phone and video'd marissa and alex kissing (sooo hot). Anyway enough about that now.

Dad and mum got home yesterday, and within an hour of being home, dad was already chewing my balls off about random things, e.g, My shit taking up space in the shed, my car leaking a few drops of water, small things that i haven't yet rectified due to time and laziness restrictions. Gone are the few days of quiet bliss, when all you could hear in my house was the distant death moans of justin murdering people on the playstation, lovin' Grand Theft Auto!! So, im back to agreeing with dad, nodding and re-assuring him that it will be done in due time. Why is it that even though i dont like half the things ppl tell me to do, im still in total agreeance with them?? I cant wait till im my own boss, id never be such and asshole to ppl like mine is, heone of those ppl that you just wanna kick in the balls! Speaking of kicking balls, some wanker drove up beside me in a clapped out XF falcon toady and screamed at me to get a real car, obviously he is still a bit wet behind the ears about the whole Ford vs Holden concept. But what shitted me more was that his XF had a serious lack of paint, and exhaust for that matter, and he has the nerve to tell me to get a better car! Fucking pines rats, we have to stop the migration of those degrading rat bastards that are destroying our fair town, as seans sticker says, I LOVE FRANKSTON


Blogger Sean said...

shoulda lit em up and fucked off.

drag the cunt. or follow him home, then we'll all go round later and fuck his car up.

Altho i agree, get a real car you poofter :P

1:14 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

The OC Rocks! Kinda surprised a guy likes it....

2:41 AM  
Blogger Sean said...

a guy? no no no, metrosexual.

metros arent real men, theyre girls in the shell of a man.

Bloody poofter.

I mean, hot chicks doesnt give you a good reason to watch a gay show, i mean, im sure bold and beautiful had hot chicks in it once upon a time, but noone watches that.

6:56 AM  
Blogger Matt said...

Bald and the beautiful i hope you mean. Sean, i believe you were the one who kissed me on the cheek at level one? so dont call me gay you yabbie eyed wombat penetrator! lol
Yes, i love the OC, its sick! If hot chicks dont give me a reason, then what about lezos?? yeah, that duz!

3:50 AM  
Blogger Sean said...

You enjoyed every second of that. But in my defence, atleast i didnt kiss you on the lips, cause i dont kiss people of the same sex *looks at erin kiah amy etc* (mostly erin)

Kissing you on the cheek and dressing like a fag are 2 different things.

If you want to look at hot chicks, dial up the internet, id rather look at naked chicks on the internet than watch some poorly constructed show with crappy acting and bad story lines, if i wanted that, id hire a porn movie.

Shows like the oc and summerland are pathetic, whatever happened to shows where people got shot, mauled, arrested, run over, or killed doing awesome things?

Maybe instead of watching the oc, you could invest some quality time reading the dictionary and learning how to spell. duz.

6:54 AM  
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