Sunday, April 24, 2005

Lack of...

Sleep, Sex, Money, Money for Petrol, Going to get shitfaced, Money for food after getting shitfaced. So i have a lack of stuff, so what? Oh shit, this is starting to sound like an Amy post, better say something sane! Jk Amy :)

Well after being fucked around by the parentals, and ending up in bed early, 12pm, i woke up early this morning, and lay there pondering what to do with the day ahead. Playstation lasted about 5 minutes, and then i was bored. Muuuummm, im bored i says, and the reply "well there is a big pile of ironing in the hallway", no shit, this is like mutant ironing, its taking over the hallway! It pulls anyone in that walks past! Maybe i should start reading, like real books or something, that have chapters...
Anyway, back to my day. I tried watching TV, but that was an endless struggle to find something interesting, video hits and boring home idea shows dont seem to have the same affect as they used to, so i found my car!
But i really cant be bothered going into details, but i trying to fix my fuel gauge. The dash is still out, i mean out, nothing is there, so i will continue it tomoro as i got too frustrated today. Due to the frustration, i was going through my pile of crap in the garage, which also seems to take random swipes at your legs, and found paint, chrome paint, so i painted my fuel tank, as you do...i know i know, but i swear it was a sheer act of spontinaity and boredom. So the rest of my night will consist of the internet, talking to ppl, hopeefully shannan or melissa cos I havent talked to them in a while.

Thought of the Day: "Your call is important to us, and will be placed into a queue"


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