Sunday, April 24, 2005

Lack of...

Sleep, Sex, Money, Money for Petrol, Going to get shitfaced, Money for food after getting shitfaced. So i have a lack of stuff, so what? Oh shit, this is starting to sound like an Amy post, better say something sane! Jk Amy :)

Well after being fucked around by the parentals, and ending up in bed early, 12pm, i woke up early this morning, and lay there pondering what to do with the day ahead. Playstation lasted about 5 minutes, and then i was bored. Muuuummm, im bored i says, and the reply "well there is a big pile of ironing in the hallway", no shit, this is like mutant ironing, its taking over the hallway! It pulls anyone in that walks past! Maybe i should start reading, like real books or something, that have chapters...
Anyway, back to my day. I tried watching TV, but that was an endless struggle to find something interesting, video hits and boring home idea shows dont seem to have the same affect as they used to, so i found my car!
But i really cant be bothered going into details, but i trying to fix my fuel gauge. The dash is still out, i mean out, nothing is there, so i will continue it tomoro as i got too frustrated today. Due to the frustration, i was going through my pile of crap in the garage, which also seems to take random swipes at your legs, and found paint, chrome paint, so i painted my fuel tank, as you do...i know i know, but i swear it was a sheer act of spontinaity and boredom. So the rest of my night will consist of the internet, talking to ppl, hopeefully shannan or melissa cos I havent talked to them in a while.

Thought of the Day: "Your call is important to us, and will be placed into a queue"

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


Welcome to the OC bitch!!! Just finished watching it so i thought id write a blog/bullshit on about random crap. Well i never knew that you could fall in love with a TV show, but i wanna fuck the OC!! Dead set, its grouse, i even taped the theme song on my phone and video'd marissa and alex kissing (sooo hot). Anyway enough about that now.

Dad and mum got home yesterday, and within an hour of being home, dad was already chewing my balls off about random things, e.g, My shit taking up space in the shed, my car leaking a few drops of water, small things that i haven't yet rectified due to time and laziness restrictions. Gone are the few days of quiet bliss, when all you could hear in my house was the distant death moans of justin murdering people on the playstation, lovin' Grand Theft Auto!! So, im back to agreeing with dad, nodding and re-assuring him that it will be done in due time. Why is it that even though i dont like half the things ppl tell me to do, im still in total agreeance with them?? I cant wait till im my own boss, id never be such and asshole to ppl like mine is, heone of those ppl that you just wanna kick in the balls! Speaking of kicking balls, some wanker drove up beside me in a clapped out XF falcon toady and screamed at me to get a real car, obviously he is still a bit wet behind the ears about the whole Ford vs Holden concept. But what shitted me more was that his XF had a serious lack of paint, and exhaust for that matter, and he has the nerve to tell me to get a better car! Fucking pines rats, we have to stop the migration of those degrading rat bastards that are destroying our fair town, as seans sticker says, I LOVE FRANKSTON

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Money, money, money and bullshit

Yes money, i work so hard, and put up with soo much shit, and earn so little.If it wasnt for stupid rego being soo much i'd have money to save/ spend on petrol/ spend on go fast bits for the 5.0lt/ save for singapore in you can see, i have alot to do! Well yes my car is back on the road, but no without dramas. I have an oil leak, which i think maybe power steering fluid, like i give a fuck anyway, who needs power steering?!? My auto trans suck ass majorly, it bogs down soo much its not funny, but i have no money to change it to a manual dammit. Shit, i sound like sean, forever having issues with my car! But, in hindsight, im having so much fun getting it going. People keep asking me, why spend so much on such and old car? And my answer..."I guess i have something to prove to myself, Because its something that i can turn around and say, hey look, i had a shitty old motor, and i rebuilt it myself, and no one can take that away from me". And besides, it doesnt look too bad for acar that was built in 1986, sorry steve, but its still neater than yours.

My parents have gone away for like 5 days, they couldnt wait to leave, and i couldnt wait for them to leave! But, we're keeping the place together. The playstation is in the back room on the big screen, im parking my car in the garage, and working on it in there too. Dad rang up last night pissed off his nut, and mum too, at least they are having fun. Anyway, going to get in the spa now, saying bye to scotty....gone

Thought for the day: Why are my blogs soo fucking long and full of bullshit???

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Back Online

Well due to the recent malfunction of my computer, i was unable to update. And also i was on holidays. Went to echuca last weekend for a few days, and i was really nice, about 30 deg most days, and cos i was school holidays, heaps of talent walking around! Any way enough of that. I had ppl recently say that my site is ugly, yeah and so what if it is. No way am i sitting in front of my computer making it look 'pretty', i dont have the time, and even if i did, i still wouldnt, im over the yr12 days of making Flash animations and fancy shit, no thinks, the only things ill be watching that are pretty, fancy and animated, will probably be animated porn movies i have aquired of WinMx. Not really, im not that sick!
Well most of you know that i had a girl (shannan) that i really liked move to singapore recently, for those who dont know, you do now! She was a really nice person so i was a bit upset, well not upset crying upset but you know, like a good friend moving away. We known eachother since we ere like born, so you know where im coming from. Her mum came over to visit the other night. She decided not to tell us. So im sitting down playing the playstation, and surprise, she rocks up at the door, was good to see her though.
Anyway that night sean decided to rock up aswell so we could hook up his amp n shit. So after a slight problem in the afternoon involving to star screws and a head unit, we packed it in, actually sean had to go home and poison, i mean cook dinner for his mum! Anyway, he dropped over later and we fitted all the stuff, sounded grouse! But im pretty sure the amp packed it in because it was cutting in an out. Speaking of cars, mine has no more issues now, it starts, everything works, just a few little water leaks to fix which comes with any motor rebuild. I got my other subwoofer back off ben from tafe. Hooked them both up, and i never thought id say this, but its too loud! I have to turn the sub control to 3 instead of 6! That same day, i was getting weird looks from my dad as i walked past him with a big jar of vaseline and a rag. I had to stop and explain what i intended to do with it, it was all innocent though, i had to rub vaseline into my car seats cos they are starting to crack, stupid leather! Should be registered by tomoro after work, mum is paying half, lucky me! So yes, ill be waking the neighbours either with my overly loud DOOF DOOF DOOF or my obcenely loud exhaust, or a bit from column A and a bit from column B, havent decided yet. May not be either cos i dont have a fuel gauge hooked up yet so i might runout half way down the driveway....