Wednesday, March 30, 2005

I agree with Sean, FUCK YOU CAR

Ok, i speak for Sean and me when i say, cars suck. Was running fine till i touched it, not i decided to shit itself. So thats another $50 for the towtruck to get it to the auto elecs, then whatever the bald prick charges, something along the lines of about $170 maybe i dunno, so that leaves me with the $56 insurance that comes out tomoro and then the $50 loan repayment for friday. Which gives me a grand total of $52 to spend on myself/save for car rego! And leon the dirty mong owes me $30! Whoever invented money should have been shot. Couldnt we just barter for stuff, like trade a batch of my mums muffins for some electrical work on my car?? I Wonder if i do give him muffins, will he drop the price??

Sunday, March 27, 2005

A New beginning, to some extent

The following story may contain coarse language and if you dont like that then you can go get FUCKED

Well, i'v lost count of the amount of stress relieving diaries that have started and then just got sick of over the years, so this may well add to that list, but we'll see wont we.

In the meantime, i decided to post some pics of my cars 1 month build that turned into a 4 month spending spree, that part wasnt planned. Yes there was many a month where that the only things that were in my pocket were the dirty tissues that had been through the wash, and the odd expired bus ticket.

Well my car wont start, only because i touched it, maybe sean was right, i have the shitty touch, everything i touch turns into shit? Dont know, but my way of thinking was to admit defeat and walk away before i was tempted to pull out the 'wog basher' from my boot and start swinging at random things, e.g my car. So i did just that, told it to get FUCKED and amused myself by playing around with the mighty stezza, and ended up with a terrible ringing sensation in my ears, like what you get after a night out at Level one, dancing at the front of the stage to impress people, only to stand on a vodka and orange glass that some stupid wench has dropped/thrown, and fall on your face...


Starting to look better,i havent taken an updated pic yet so be patient Posted by Hello

The right hand head is off, I actaully didn't clean that piston, so it prolly means that the head gasket was on its way out Posted by Hello

Ahhh the start of the Rebuild, the Manifold is off Posted by Hello

The old 308 Posted by Hello